Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Teresa. My family and close friends call me “Tree“. I have had the nickname since I was a young teen. That has been a while. I live in Southern California with my awesome husband, Tim. We have been married for 29 years this May. There have been ups and downs –  and downs and downs. But now we are at a place in our marriage that is better than ever. We have 4 beautiful children that I am ever-so-proud of. Here is where I could dangerously digress – telling you all about each and every one of them. But I won’t. Let me just say that they are all very talented and have each found something that they love to do and excel at. I will post more in the future about them individually, and it will be under the family category 🙂

I have been a Christian for 28 years. My walk with God has also had it’s ups and downs. Not that I veered far off the path, but I was walking with a silent partner due to my own desires. Nowadays, I am seeking and listening. I want to be what He wants me to be – instead of just going along, being me and trying to squeeze Him in where convenient.

I crochet for a living, selling my creations and patterns online. I love to create unique designs. Knowing that people love what I make brings me much satisfaction and joy.

I am for the most part, a homebody. I love to be at home. I love to be comfy and cozy, in my sweatshirt and jammies. Sitting with a cup of coffee and a crochet project is FUN to me!

Though I love to be at home, my favorite place to be is Disneyland. My youngest daughter and I have annual passes. It’s a place we love to just be. Often times, we don’t even go on a single ride. We enjoy our time together there walking and browsing all the shops, or just sitting and talking.

Let’s talk collections. Everyone collects something, right? Well, I love cute things. I have a wide variety of cute things. Disney characters make up a huge chunk of my collectibles. There are Vinylmations, TsumTsums, POP! vinyls, Infinity figures, plushies, etc.  I also have a soft spot for Adora Dolls. In fact, if you looked at my collections you might think it was owned by a child. I am a big kid at heart! I think (most) of my children love that about me. I am a mom who plays and yet offers wise advice when needed.

Witty? Yes – I think so. Although the older I get, the more I find my wit turning into my dad’s corniness. Oh well, it was bound to happen. After hearing it all my life, it had to rub off. Thanks, Dad <3

I am an introvert. I prefer to be behind-the-scenes in any situation. I am mostly a quiet person, thinking more than speaking. My husband has told me for years that I have so much to share. But I have allowed fear to keep me from it. Fear of rejection, of causing any sort of uncomfortable feelings or disagreements. But God is telling me that it is time. So, 2016 is the year when I blog about the thoughts in my head, the feelings of my heart, the activities of my day. I will allow myself to be known. And I hope it will benefit others, in some way.




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  1. Love reading your story Teresa. You are a beautiful woman big a wonder heart. I am so lucky to have meet you.

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