An Ah-Ha! Moment — 2 Comments

  1. I went thru a really hard situation where I had a lot of anger and pain towards someone that hurt me. It was something that was consuming me everyday. I couldn’t understand why she had done this to me.
    As time passed by I realize that I needed to change my attitude. The way was handling the situation . I now leave in peace , no more hate or anger in my life. Thanks to my Heavenly Father who changed me. I feel compassion for others even if they have hurt me but most important I learned to forgive .

    • Maria, it’s so hard to let go of our feelings sometimes. We feel so justified in them. I have had similar things in my life. I allowed my heart to grow hardened against some people. But I also allowed God to change me, and let healing and forgiveness take place. So thankful for His mercy!

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