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Have you ever had one of those? I am sure you have at one point in your life or another. We all can get so wrapped up in our current perspective of something that we are completely blind to what is really happening! Sometimes God needs to put a blindfold on us, blocking our view –  so that we can really see what He wants us to see.

A few weeks ago, my husband wanted to talk about a frustration he had with a portion of scripture. He had just read the first chapter of Leviticus and was disturbed about not only the limitless specific regulations for the people stated there, but also the gruesomeness of some of them. I had just read the same chapter that morning. But not only that, I was excited because I had the privilege of reading the First 5 App Study that went along with it! Lysa TerKeurst is so blessed with insight, and a skilled writer. I highly recommend this app as a great start to your day!

I couldn’t wait to read the study to my husband, and I only got through a small portion of it before he stopped me. “Stop, stop. I get it. It’s my attitude.”, he said. The word attitude was mentioned 3 times in 3 paragraphs. He was concentrating on the outward actions, and details – not seeing that it was the attitude of the people that God was trying to refine. It was an ah-ha! moment for my husband and he learned a valuable lesson.

Often times it’s not about the thing God is asking us to do, but the lesson behind it. Instead of asking Him “Why is this happening to me?”, ask “What are You trying to teach me?” Changing your vantage point can make all the difference!

Tell me, do you have an ah-ha! moment that you would like to share? I’d love to hear it!


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An Ah-Ha! Moment — 2 Comments

  1. I went thru a really hard situation where I had a lot of anger and pain towards someone that hurt me. It was something that was consuming me everyday. I couldn’t understand why she had done this to me.
    As time passed by I realize that I needed to change my attitude. The way was handling the situation . I now leave in peace , no more hate or anger in my life. Thanks to my Heavenly Father who changed me. I feel compassion for others even if they have hurt me but most important I learned to forgive .

    • Maria, it’s so hard to let go of our feelings sometimes. We feel so justified in them. I have had similar things in my life. I allowed my heart to grow hardened against some people. But I also allowed God to change me, and let healing and forgiveness take place. So thankful for His mercy!

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