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  1. Very well said my friend, excellent read.
    Ones life can seem somewhat stagnant if your looking for a visible measurable outward progression. But when you stand back and consider your inward accomplishments, and the inward growth of those to whom you have nurtured and invested in fully, all of a sudden, your life doesn’t seem quite so stagnant.
    May God richly bless you, all the days of your life.

    • Thank you, Dalia! It’s very true…but super hard to focus on. It surely takes discipline to train our eyes to see what is unseen. Your comment means a lot to me, you blessed me <3

  2. Hi there Lovely Lady as I look at your picture I think you have sprung backwards more than a few years, “Beautiful” backwards has been good to you. Spring foreword, feels and sounds exciting and different. It may not always be as good as it would sound. If you take that youthful look and spring foreword from there it may be so disappointing maybe even depressing. If you mix some non sensical goals in with those rational goals each rational goal fulfilled gets a nonsensical reward, how fun. All those goals you think take precedence over light hearted fun create a long list of work that is not much fun to look foreword to, depressing, UGH!
    I think that if God wanted you to only take care of business he wouldn’t have given you a sense of humor or such a great laugh and the ability to know what fun is. God wouldn’t have given you the beauty of such a diverse world which I’m sure he planned on you getting to see so you can be in wonder and awe at his creations as well as his sense of humor. When he asks you how you enjoyed his world’s beauty and wonder will you tell him you had too many chores to do?
    Love, Dad

  3. You are in good company! I had these grand plans on my vacation this week to organize, clean and decluttter as you say, but to no avail! I then lose sleep, fretting about how little I accomplished! It is wonderfully admirable of you to put the majority of your time into your sweet daughter Jaclyn. She is a shining reflection of you, a loving, compassionate woman with strong convictions and a powerful sense of God and family. Doing what needs to be done to make this crazy world we inhabit a better place to live in, is all that can be asked of any of us. Thanks for always inspiring us through your eloquently written words…

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