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I mentioned that I am a kid at heart – and I am a BIG kid. I love my toys. I play with my toys. I display my toys. So, in order to show you a little of that side of me, I decided it was time for something to be posted in the FUN category.

My oldest daughter owns a popular Star Wars fansite – Anakin and His Angel, and she is hosting a monthly link up centered around Star Wars (of course). This month’s topic is: Collection! Now, I am going to show you some of my favorite Star Wars collectibles 🙂

Some of my favorite Star Wars Collectibles

Some of my favorite Star Wars Collectibles

Breakdown: I have more Star Wars shirts than these, but the two pictured from Her Universe are my absolute faves! They are both long sleeve pullovers, and the “Hope” one is hooded!

My Star Wars Ears - Inspired by my shirt and Ahsoka ;)

My Star Wars Ears

I also have ears that I crocheted for myself to go with both of these shirts. I have worn the Chewie ears a few times, but have not gotten a chance to wear the Rebels/Ahsoka inspired ones yet. I am looking forward to that! You can see my other Star Wars creations in my shop: Harvester Products.
The large, roaring Chewie (main pic) was a Christmas gift from my hubby a few years ago. He still works, and even roars on his own sometimes, LOL.

Rebels Vinylmation Crew

Rebels Vinylmation Crew

There is the entire collection of the Rebels Ghost crew Vinylmation. I love this set! Kanan was a hard-to-get variant, and I wanted him so badly that I traded my Bearded Thor variant for him. #noregrets

Han Vinylmation Chaser

Han Vinylmation Chaser

And then there is the Force Awakens Han Vinylmation Chaser (had to have him!), and my Chewie Vinyl as well.

The Hallmark Itty Bittys (main pic) are so cute – I love both Chewie and Yoda. I actually brought the Chewie with me to the theater to see The Force Awakens. My daughter thought I was so funny, she Tweeted about me!

Chewie and Wicket TsumTsums!

Chewie and Wicket TsumTsums!

There are two tiny plushies I forgot to add to the big picture – my Chewie and Wicket TsumTsums! I love them, and have a large collection of Tsums. I even play the game!

Princess Kneesa the Ewok plush

Princess Kneesa the Ewok plush

Oh – my little Kneesa the Ewok plush is from Disneyland and I adore her. Isn’t she the cutest, chubbiest, thing?

"Chewie We're Home"

“Chewie We’re Home”

This button kills me. Each time I see this scene, I cry. I keep the button on my bulletin board.

Exclusive Han Solo Funko POP!

Exclusive Han Solo Funko POP!

I bought this exclusive Funko POP! on eBay – because – it’s old Han – and I just love it. I will probably unbox him, but right now my POP! display shelf is full (yikes).

Then there are my two pieces of jewelry (main pic) – my leather bracelet and my Rebels logo necklace, both purchased at Disneyland.

Ahsoka Infinity Figure

Ahsoka Infinity Figure

And last but not least – my Disney Infinity figures! And yes – I play Infinity! My husband actually bought me the starter set last Christmas. Ahsoka is my very favorite character, and I already have her maxed out at level 20!

And, here is proof that I actually do wear and love my Star Wars attire:
hope shirt
chewie ears

What do you think of my collection? Do you own any of the same things?

I’d love it if you left me a note and let me know what you collect!



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My Star Wars Collection — 2 Comments

  1. I love the items you chose to feature, especially the Her Universe tops, the Vinylmations and your custom Star Wars ears! They are fabulous!

    You’re just such a cool Star Wars fan 🙂 Thanks for participating in ComLINKS!

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